Introduction, Familiarization, Inaugration etc.

Let’s just say I’m not very good at headings.

Welcome to The Writing Writers! My name’s Mukta. Mirra invited me here, and I couldn’t resist the juicy offer. Sadly, I’ve got a lot of blogs up my back. But don’t worry, I’ll try to scrape some time out for this one.

So let’s get you comfy around here.

The Writing Writers is all about writing. You probably figured that out. Here, we post about our works of literature, including poetry, short stories, book reviews and, occasionally, fandom. This isn’t a personal blog about our daily life and craziness. It’s about our literary life and craziness. Does that make sense?

Right now, our team is of two. But once we find some awesome people who can do a good job, we’ll graciously welcome them here. Wanna find out more about us? Here are some teeny-tiny bio chunks. Don’t worry, they aren’t humongous introductions that make people’s heads stir.

What do you think of the blog design? I did that. I am NOT a professional blog designer. I don’t even know if that’s a career choice. But I liked doing it anyway.

Here, we aim to get our writing exposed and locate our strengths and weaknesses in the literary universe. And guess what, you guys can help! By liking, commenting and sharing, you will help us find out what kind of stuff people like and ULTIMATELY TEACH US HOW WE CAN US IMPROVE AND HELP OUR WRITING REACH HIGHER HEIGHTS!

Thanks for stopping by!


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