100 Words Which Perfectly Describe ME

Ambitious,  Creative, Fun-Loving, Inquisitive, Sensible, Clean, Loyal, Academic- Loving, Friendly, True, Artistic, Caring, Compassionate, Helpful, Vivid, Colourful, Rapid, Book-Lover, Studious, Magical, Imaginative, Loving, Curious, Punctual, Nature-Lover, Excited, Dutiful, True-Blue, Presumptuous, Considerate, Determined, Enthusiastic, Zealous, Faithful, Sincere, Obedient, Resourceful, Compliant, Regardful, Keen, Jovial, Rustic, Free, Poetic, Melodious, Decorative, Harmonious, Talkative, Chatty, Neat, Organised, Tidy, Methodical, Devoted, Cautious, Striking, Speedy, Ready, Expressive, Sparkly, Spirited, Glorious, Peaceful, Sunny, Blessed, Devoted, Respectful, Involved, Tortuous, Learning, Glittery, Intelligent, Clever, Enlightened, Humorous, Sensitive, Tuneful, Inventive, Patterning, Reasonable, Whiz, , Discerning, Astute, Perceptive, Judicious, Tuned-In, Informed, Bright, Flaunting, Dreaming, Interested, Adventurous, Exploring, Jubilant, Inspired, Adaptable, Amused, Enjoying, Delighted


Originally posted on A Young Writer’s Dream


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