How Writing Affects Your Life



All of us writers have been doing one thing that makes us special. Writing. Many people have read our work, admired it and commented on it, and that’s how it has affected THEIR life. But have we ever wondered how writing affects OUR life?

We writers don’t just write because we are obliged to. It’s because we love to. And we love it because it comes from within.
Here is how a writer’s life is much different from a regular mortal’s.


Being a writer, concentration is the first and foremost medium to spark the best ideas. There are many advantages of this quality because being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker. Concentration is effortlessly achieved by most writers because writing is their life and ideas are their air. Let’s just say that concentration is their nose.


Even if you aren’t a serious writer, you may keep a diary or journal which you drench with your thoughts and feelings. This helps you learn from your past. Looking at the person you were before can help you realize the mistakes you once did. On the contrary, you can also learn from your former self. You can perceive those important points you may not pay much attention to now and implement little things from your past that can make a huge impact on your future.


Writing is an author’s chosen tool to express their creativity and ideas. Not everyone can write well, and so writing is the blood that flows through writers’ veins. And don’t get me wrong, that makes them pretty dangerous.



Dude, if writing isn’t fun for you, STOP CALLING YOURSELF A WRITER. Because that’s what writing is all about. Having fun. Like, who doesn’t have fun when they’re sitting in a comfy room in pajamas with a book and a pen, having a mental battle to unearth the best ideas?

Have you ever asked yourself why writing is so awesome? Maybe you couldn’t really answer that.
Oh well, some mysteries can never be solved.

Keep writing, writers! You guys are awesome, and you always knew that. ❤


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