Why Camp NaNoWriMo is a Must for Writers

This blog is for writers, yes?

Unless I’m totally wrong and this is a blog for deluded little monkeys.

But I’m pretty sure I’m right???

But just in case this IS for deluded little monkeys: Hello there, and go away. Except if you can write. Because today’s post is all about WRITING, and a specific writing event that is exceptionally useful.


Image result for monkeys running around gif
Are you a deluded little monkey??? (BTW monkeys are col and I love them but this post is for writers, dears)

Note: For some ANNOYING REASON, my featured image is only showing up in the WordPress Reader, and not on the actual site??? Help???

I’m sure you’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, which stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and takes place during the month of November. It encourages writers to write a novel in one month. If you’re thirteen and older, you can sign up for the “adult” NaNoWriMo right here, which is basically going for the full 50,000 words.

Or you can sign up on the Young Writers Program, which is for those younger than thirteen (though those older than thirteen are encouraged to participate in the YWP as well!). The YWP allows you to set your own word count goal, instead of the default 50,000, which can be a daunting task.


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Daunting indeed.


Now, Camp NaNoWriMo is something different, although still run by the same people. Camp NaNo takes place in months outside of November: April and July. If you haven’t noticed yet, it is MARCH, the month right before April. What does this mean? CAMP NANO IS NEXT MONTH!

*Note that all Camp participants must be 13 or older. (Or you can DEFY THE LAW but whatever I do that all the time???)

Alright, now that I’ve explained Camp NaNo a tiny tiny bit (and you have raced to the website to make an account if you haven’t already), here are some reasons why you should participate in Camp NaNo, with some more bits of fun information.

specialized goals

INFORMATIONAL TIDBIT: Camp has always allowed you to make your own word count goal, but this year, they offer something special: You can make a goal for the total of hours spent on your project, the total of pages your project is, or (the default) the total of words you write.

REASON WHY THIS IS SO WONDERFULLY GREAT: Little monkeys, you can MAKE YOUR OWN GOAL??? What is this??? I mean, first of all, you don’t have to aim for the HUGE AMOUNT OF 50,000 WORDS anymore; you can aim for 20,000! Or 10,000! Or 200,000! Or maybe just 1! (I’m actually not sure if they let you do that.)

On top of that, you don’t even have to make a goal based on WORDS this year! You can track how many hours you spend on a project, or just how many pages you write. Hours can be useful for those who are editing/revising a project and can’t really count how many “words” they “edit”.


(I’m actually really proud of how well that font looks capitalized.)

INFORMATIONAL TIDBIT: Another coolio thing about Camp is that you can work on ANY project. For NaNoWriMo, it is encouraged your work on novels instead of playwriting or poetry collections. But for Camp, ANYTHING is encouraged! You can work on a script for a play, poems (for NaPoWriMo RIGHT???), your novel as usual, or editing/revising a project.

REASON WHY THIS IS SO WONDERFULLY GREAT: Freedom??? Who doesn’t like freedom??? I mean, I’m working on a novel, of course, because I literally will not write anything outside of these NaNo months. (But I’m also writing poems for NaPoWriMo, so???) It’s really up to you, and the freedom of Camp is GLORIOUS. Don’t deluded little monkeys like you all (even though you should have all left) want to be free from your tiny zoo cages???


Image result for free from zoo cage gif



INFORMATIONAL TIDBIT: Camp has something that NaNoWriMo doesn’t: CABINS. Cabins are a glorious thing, made up of twelve (I may be wrong) writers. You can set your cabin settings so that you can get placed in a random cabin, or placed in a cabin with similar writers of the same age, interests, etc. You can also make your own private cabin and invite people to be in that cabin. Or you can be a lonely little mango and opt out of cabins. But honestly, cabins are the best thing about Camp, so don’t do that???

(Plus, you get cabin message boards to chat all you want with your dear cabinmates. #winning)


Cabins are also great for…


INFORMATIONAL TIDBIT: There really is no informational tidbit about this??? I’m sorry to disappoint you monkeys.

REASON WHY THIS IS SO WONDERFULLY GREAT: The species of writers has always procrastinated. It is just what we do, and we’ll never be able to defeat it. PROCRASTINATION IS A WRITER’S LIFE, MONKEYS. And that is why motivation from writing events such as this is SO special to us, because we otherwise would be sitting around doing nothing but writing blog posts on why we should stop procrastinating. #OopsMyBad

Writing in cabins is not only fun, but helpful. Your cabinmates can cheer you on, and for the competitive, you can do things like word wars (setting a start and end time to write and seeing who writes the most in that time) that will up your word count. And it’s also really motivating to want to WIN. You want to REACH your goal, and go OVER it, and you just want to WIN WIN WIN.

(Well that might just be me so this is awkward. Is no one else competitive???)


Image result for competitive gif
Competition is me, frens.


Agh! Finally! This overly long post is over. I hope that you learned a bit of Camp NaNo and I’ve persuaded you to participate in it this April!

shall we chat?

Are you participating in Camp Nano? (If so, what’s your username, so I can pm you?) What do you think is the best part of Camp? Are you a deluded little monkey? Chat with me!


le mango queen


23 thoughts on “Why Camp NaNoWriMo is a Must for Writers

    (and I keep asking you about fonts but exqueeze me because it’s beautimous EEK) (and yes I didn’t even ask a question but you know what I’m asking XD)

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  2. I’d seen a few people posting about Camp Nanowrimo, but nobody ever explained what it actually was. I figured it was just the same as Nano in November. I was only thinking earlier that if I could work on my poetry collection for it, I’d take part but I’d never make it to 50k words with poetry. Must say thanks to you for the fantastic post, as I’ll definitely be taking part now!

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  3. Nice May! I took part in Camp NanoWrimo once before, in 2014, and am taking part again this year. I am making a new novel, my first one since 2014, so yeah, pretty excited. ^_^.

    Good Luck with your goals! Nice post, btw too. Love your pics as always. 😉

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