Blackout Poetry and How to Write it

Hey Writers! Today I am going to be telling you guys about blackout poetry. Here is a picture to help you see what it looks like:


I stumbled across this kind of poetry when I was doing a school project and I loved it so much! I am going to teach you how to do it, Here we go:

Step 1

Find some old newspaper, magazine or a page from an old book.

Step 2

Circle a word or phrase that stands out to you and circle other words in the page that go with it.

Step 3

Outline the words with black sharpie or any other black marker or pen of your choice.

Step 4

At this point you have two choices, you can either just color over the rest of the words like in the example or you can turn it into a picture like me.


It says: A sense of pride will tell you, the years point towards the front.

Your poem may not have correct grammar, but you can change that. This doesn’t even have to be a poem, it can be a sentence in your story too. I think this is a great way to stretch your creative muscles, it can also help you get over writer’s block. This is a lot of fun, there are a million possibilities. Here are a few pictures to get inspiration-

(The first two are mine)

A journey open to nowhere, make it home.
Sense the want to do good, many have had a desire.


(The last two pics are from Pinterest)

Click on the link for a website for more inspiration: Make Blackout Poetry

Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry and How to Write it

  1. Ohhh, I call this found poetry! I made a whole book of found poetry for a project some years ago, and I made different images, like a bridge, and a lion. This looks really cool, Arunima! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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