Seven Sizzling Starts To Begin A Sensational Story

Example 1

Have you ever wanted to write a story but you’ve never known how to begin? Are you always waiting for ways to start? Then this is the right post for you. Ready to go into an imaginary world? If so, let’s begin!

 1- Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is basically a word for sound. For example: BANG! If you begin with a sound word, it can really hook the reader of your story and make them want to read more.

2- Rhetorical Question

Rhetorical questions can directly ask the reader a question, with no answer. For example: Would you like it if you jumped into a book?

3- Setting Description

Really get your reader caught into your world of your story, so they have a picturesque view of where your story takes place. An example: The towering castle stands tall and proud.

4- Character Description

You can start your story off by introducing your character straight away, this might get your reader attracted. For Example: Garnet, with her long, untidy plaits bounced out of her bed, because it was a special day for her, her birthday.

5- Dialogue

Dialogue is a great way to begin a story, or any narrative piece. Your reader might want to jump into your story, if you use dialogue. An example: ‘Julienne, what’s that peculiar noise?’ questioned Janet.

6-   Statement

A thought provoking statement… AN AWESOME WAY TO BEGIN!!! A statement can really make the reader have many viewpoints, with just ONE statement. For example: Books are better than computers, you silly unicorn! ( that’s just a random statement, well the only one off the top of my head)

7- Action

Action is a captivating trick. A word, or even a sentence which includes the element can grab your reader’s utmost attention. An example- This was it, for the Clark family. They were in serious danger.

Do any of you use these sizzling starts? If so, then which?

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and see you next time!

Example 1

P.S.- Welcome into TWW, Violet and Gayatri!


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