Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

Authoring The Writing Writers has been so far a smooth journey, and we’re getting a positive response from all our writers AND our readers. Whatever your role is you are, you deserve a free bar of chocolate huge round of applause! *cheers*

Screenshot (2)
Whooaaaaa. And we started it, like, THIS MONTH?????

And now, in honor of you, we have started The Writing Writers Magazine, featuring YOUR writing!

Interested? Check the details on our Magazine page and drop a comment linking your work. The online mag will be published twice every year. Yep, it’s quite seldom. We have this blog to manage as well, you know.

We would appreciate it if you promoted this initiative on your blog or spread the word by commenting on other blogs.

Will YOU help us make this a success by entering your work? Submissions are officially open!


P.S: I know some of you who signed up to join this blog are still not added. I’m sorry for the delay, but hopefully you’ll be added soon. Heh heh.


7 thoughts on “Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

  1. Hi Mutka! So.. I need your help! And desperately too! I am notified by email every time someone likes or comments my post, but I would like to know how to turn it off of this blog. It says I don’t have the priveledges to do that when I open the link in email, and is there any way you can fix that? Thanks!

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