in which april enters with a BANG!

hello, guys! im april mclauren, formerly of April Dreams, and the newest edition to this blog! isn’t it fitting i’d post this on the first of APRIL? ahahahaha!

just to warn all you guys, im complete reference trash. everything i say is a reference. except for this.


i didnt make this, but whoever did, THANK YOU.



do y’all now what april means? (marks the start of)

TWO amazing nanowrimo events! woot woot!

NaPoWriMo & Camp NaNo

i figured for NaPoWriMo i could share a poem. maybe? actually, of course! everyone wants to read my wonderful writing. 😀

without water (92, 08, 10)

water is 92% of me,
.92 parts of me.
92/100ths of me.

without water,
we’re 8% of our former selves,
only .08 parts of us,
8/100ths what we were;

with less than 10% left of me,
<.10 parts of me,
<10/100ths of me-

i am an empty glass.

what kind of person is that?

also, how could i forget? APRIL FOOLS!

do you know who your going to prank? got any ideas? cause im fresh out. ive been told im not subtle enough… oops?


april ❤


9 thoughts on “in which april enters with a BANG!

  1. Ah… Thank goodness you finally banged into here, April! I pranked plenty of people, actually, but my fave was when I did the nickel in the faucet thingy and tapwater squirted all over my granddad 😀
    Anyway, welcome in, and enjoy your stay 😉

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