The Fear Of Forgetting


FearForgetting @ The Writing WritersNo one wants to forget the good times. The endless summers, the joyful laughs, the melting ice creams. No one wants to forget the ‘good old days’, the funny memory, the wonderful friends, the beautiful sceneries. No one wants to forget the memories which have shaped them, which have made them smile. No one wants to forget the good. No One.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have this fear of forgetting my childhood, my school life, the dramas, things I’m sure I’ll want to remember when I’m older. This fear has to lead me to start a journal, where I write my thoughts, feelings experiences. I don’t write just because of the fear but it plays a big role. I don’t want to have no stories to tell when I’m older. I want to be filled with memories, photographs, words. So, once day I can spill them all out, and relive those treasured moments.

Is it just me? Does anyone have the fear that they’ll forget their previous experiences when they are grey and old? Or does everyone just live in the moment, and let the memories form independently. If you forget, you forget, right?

Not so easy for me. I write every so often, to capture my everyday life in words, so they can never be forgotten. Maybe it’s not just the fear, but the want to remember. Sometimes I think I’ll remember anyways but I WANT something to look back on. Doesn’t everyone have that scrapbook collecting dust, the journal sitting, waiting to be opened? Pens that have written a thousand words.

So, Do you write a journal? Am i the only one who has a fear of forgetting? Do you want to make memories, and then have them gone? Or have I gone completely crazy?



14 thoughts on “The Fear Of Forgetting

  1. Aww, this is a beautiful post, mangold dear! I don’t have this fear but I think that journaling is a great way to remember your life. I think I just live in the moment (and tbh at the end of the day I’ll probably have forgotten all the things I’ve wanted to write down hahaha). Beautiful post girlie! ❤

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  2. What a lovely and beautiful post! Forgetting memories is hard to go through and just because they’re so precious, it’s hard to deal with. But moving on is the better part, so you can create more memories.

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  3. I feel the same way. I feel that I’ve forgotten who I was, just to make myself who I am. But this year, I decided that it was NOT going to happen. That’s when I began writing letters to myself, telling my future self how I felt at the moment, trying to write in a way that the future me could clearly visualize what had happened and relive those memories and feelings. I posted about it on my blog as well.
    Nevertheless, this was an amazing post, Mahriya. Forgetting is tough, forgetting the people and things we hold so dear to our heart… Maybe there are a few who understand and work to preserve those little memories.

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  4. Ah, memories….I have so many journals but still have to find time to write in them. Retiring soon, so maybe I will start then. If I can just remember where I put those journals!

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