Hi there!  So my name is Samantha, and you can call me Queen of books, but Sam works just as well.  🙂

I’m so excited, because this is my first post on The Writing Writers!

I love, Love, LOVE, books!  I’m obsessed with them, I pet them 7 hours a day, and I fully confess to buying books just because they have pretty covers.  #ownit

I like to write stories, but somehow, (namely procrastination..)  I never get past the first few chapters…

I do, however, love to write short stories in my spare time, and those babies will be posted here!  I hope you enjoy this one, it has been entered in a writing contest in my city, and I’m hoping I win!

The theme of that writing contest was Friendship, so I decided to create a touching story, as friendship can be a touching subject.  I hope you’re looking forward to my content on this blog, because I sure am!

I also ❤ American Girl, and I have 8 dolls that you can read about on my doll blog, agdollawesome

But if you’d like to visit my book/personal/writing blog, then hop on over to Redheadwithabook!



Glops of tears dripped from the little boy’s eyes, “You’re really leaving me Spout?”

Spout’s heart could almost burst from seeing Luke Sawyer  weep.  To him, there had never been a more special, caring, and playful little boy in the whole wide world.  His mind slowly closed a curtain on the present events and drifted to the past…

There had to have been at least a bajillion bubbles in the air, surrounding Luke and Spout in a huge gulp of shimmery film.  Luke patted Spout’s fin, “It’s a good thing you’re a dolphin, Spout, so you can blow all these bubbles for me!”  Spout nodded, happy he could be of use.

But while the two frolicked in the sunlight,  Mrs. Sawyer aimed her burning gaze through the window.  In her mature eyes, she saw her clumsy little son, running about outside, and speaking to nobody but himself.  She knew nothing  of the magical experience little Luke was having in his mind.  And with that, Mrs.Sawyer frowned deeply.

The following day, John Sawyer, Mrs.Sawyer’s first born, turned up at the front door at the usual time, to escape his tedious work required at his high school.  His cruel words that were often aimed at adults, were unfortunately aimed at his bothersome little brother, Luke.

“Spout, let’s eat a snack!”  Luke exclaimed with his customary eagerness for food.

Unluckily, John happened to be sulking through the halls at that very moment, and struck Luke’s face with a heavy hand.  Tears began to slowly fall from Luke’s eyes, but he knew better than to talk back to his older brother.

“As far as I know, there ain’t’ no Spout living here you little-”

“Yes there is John!  He’s right next to me right now, and we are trying to get a snack!”

Spout released a defiant trill at John.  

Yet he knew it didn’t do any good.  All down the stairs, Luke whispered “Real!” down every step.  Spout hoped that he was much more real than John.  

The days soon began to feel seemingly endless to Spout as soon as he gave Luke a peck on the cheek before he departed for his first day of kindergarten.  Spout had known his time with Luke was running out.  He stared lonesomely out of the window while watching Luke toss a football back and forth with another little boy his age named Ethan.  And just like that, Luke never had time to blow bubbles with Spout anymore.

As much as Spout resisted by swimming in his recollections of the past, he knew it was time to bid farewell to his best friend in the universe.

Luke’s tears kept coming, like a gushing waterfall.

“Yes, Luke, it is time for me to leave you.  But I would never do such a thing without the gift of an abundance of our happy shared memories.”



9 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I don’t know what to say to this.
    You are a wonderful author, though I know I already said that (no flattering). What flabbergasts me most is HOW DO YOU THINK OF SUCH AMAZING IDEAS? Teach me everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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