A Lonely Life (A Short Story)

angie story graphic

Graphic Credit: Mirra

Summer ran. Her golden blonde hair flew wildly behind her as she raced through the dark, dank forest. She hadn’t wanted to do this. She never had. She wished that she had a normal life, not one that was haunted by something that would never leave her. Summer scanned the forest. All she could see were trees, reaching out, grabbing at her. She ran wildly for a few more minutes, until she found a tree stump. She sat down, gasping for breath. A lone tear slid down her cheek. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed her heart out. All was lost.

I hope y’all like my short story!

Example 1



5 thoughts on “A Lonely Life (A Short Story)

  1. Oh, wow, I’m really intrigued by this, Angela! You are a wonderful writer. 🙂

    (PS Just wanted to let you know that this is the third post today, while Mukta asked for us to only post once a day. Just remember that for the future! 🙂 )


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