Rachel’s Debut on TWW

Hello readers!

I’m Rachel Vincent, the newest author at The Writing Writers. I am so excited to share my writing! I don’t know when my ‘about’ tidbit will be up, exaggerated clearing of throat* but I do hope you enjoy my writing. I love writing in different genres and sugar😊. I also blog on Nancy Drew, a personal/book/writing blog of my very own.

To give you a taste of my writing, here is a bit of a story I’ve been working on.

     The rain patters on the window, like a song. Pit-pat-pit-pat it sang. I put my hand to my warm forehead and try to calm the rising fever. 

     I, Ella May Truman, have been in this hospital for, let’s see, a bit over a year. I’ve got no parents and am constantly running away from various orphanages. I just don’t see the need of some adult watching my every move. I was hiding in a bar, where I knew none of the orphanage keepers would look for me. And besides, lately the bars had become more of a meetinghouse for the Revelers than an actual bar. 

     The Revelers were our country’s rebels, though they refused to be called by the name. They were all against our king, King Solevard III. I would be a Reveler if I weren’t always so busy with running away. I think everyone in the country, except for King Solevard and very few others, would be Revelers if they weren’t so afraid of the king. 

     The idea of becoming a Reveler had first occured to me when my father had been taken away by King Solevard to join the army. My father had died in a recent, frivolous battle. I missed him greatly.

     I was startled from my thoughts by a nurse entering the room with a cup of water and one of those new temperature checking things that must be wrong. Because I can’t be sick, I just can’t. 

  “Time to check your temperature, Miss Ella,” the nurse announces as she sets the glass of water down. I reach for it but she bats my hand away. Without a word she sticks the temperature taker into my mouth. The red bar inside the device rises alarmingly.

  “What’s my temperature today?” I ask drearily, knowing it hasn’t changed. In fact, it hasn’t changed for over two months.

  “About 112 degrees,” the nurse answers boredly, barely glancing at the number next to the bright red bar.

     I sigh and sink back under my covers. I’m thristy but too dejected to reach for the cup. I’ve had this rarely high temperature for quite a while and they aren’t expecting me to make it much longer. I drift into an uncomfortable sleep. I wonder if I’ll wake up.


     I hoped you liked the beggining of my story! I will be posting more of it on here as well my other blog(s). I am awaiting instructions on how to put up my “about” because I have one planned out! 

Thanks for letting me write here, and give me feedback! Thank you again!

~Rachel (I haven’t yet uploaded my signature!)


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