Ella May-a short story by Rachel Vincent

Yes! Nobody else posted today! That means I get to write, write? (See what I did there 😊). 

If you haven’t read my debut, aka part one, you must! My Debut!!

Note: on my personal blog, Nancy Drew, I have another short story,  Riley . It is password protected, but the password is waterbottle15 , all one words, no caps. None, people, none.

Part Two of Ella May.

     I do wake up, though I had nightmares I didn’t. The doctor  shakes mefrom my restless slumber and we go through the ordinary processes. At least, they’re ordinary to me.

     I haven’t changed since yesterday’s checkup. Still a ghastly high fever and something is wrong with me.

     When I first got here-the hospital, that is-they were surprised at the tattoo on my arm. I’d gotten it a few months before in a hasty rush of rebellion. It is a long story of which I won’t bore you. I decided to get the Revelers’ symbol, a crown with a messy red X smeared across.It simply shows what they are fighting for, nothing more, nothing less. Some call the tattoo prophetic, but the doctor says it’s silly. He says as soon as I’m better I am to get it removed. I do not relish this thought.

      The doctor leaves and I settle into my bed. I take the cup from the bedside table and close my eyes. Hot tears burn behind my eyelids. I cry so easily, disgustingly easily. I am surprised by a loud sound of shattering glass-the window. I yelp as a man and woman jump into the room. They scan the area and leap from place to place, a strange gadget in their hands. 

  “Wh-wh-who are you?” I stammer uncertainly.

  “We’re the Revelers,” the man replies.


Stay tuned for more, and tell me if you like it!

Rachel Vincent



14 thoughts on “Ella May-a short story by Rachel Vincent

                    1. I know! I’m not sure what she’s doing. She’s probably posting her novella chapter by chapter. I really don’t know what she’ll do, but she says that she really wants to share her novella on TWW XD

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