InkCraft Updates

Hello, hello, literature lovers! I’ve got an InkCraft update for you. (by InkCraft, I mean the magazine.The name’s been finalised.)

1) Submissions

You can enter in your work for InkCraft by clicking right here.You can also visit the magazine page for info about InkCraft by clicking right here. We’ve so far received eight amazing entries, and hopefully more to come!ย DEADLINE: you’ve got until theย beginning of June to enter! You can submit up to one/ two entries each.

2) Magazine Design

Mukta and Mahriya are currently working on the magazine design, and you’ll be able to vote in the magazine design poll conducted by them VERY soon. We TWW authors will love to see your opinion, so make sure you vote in the mag poll!

3) Content

As for the content of InkCraft, there’ll be book reviews, writing tips, stories, poetry, articles and much much more! The content will be writing-related, and will feature entries from many other amazing writers. Both authors’ and readers’ work will be featured in the magazine, if you enter.

We hope that you enter in your work to us! Good luck, participants!

Until next time, writers!

tww signoff mirra



12 thoughts on “InkCraft Updates

  1. I’m so excited for this!! Just out of curiosity does the poem/writing piece have to be published exclusively in the magazine, or can it have been published somewhere else first?

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