Cafeteria Catastrophe

“Leave me alone!”, Ava yelled. “Who said,” Carissa sneered. The older girl loomed over Ava as she tried to eat her lunch in peace. “I hate you,” Carissa hissed. Ava stood up and grabbed her plate of salad. She knew she should walk away. She took a deep breath, walked over to Carissa and tipped her plate of salad right over Carissa’s blonde curls. Carissa screamed. Everyone in the cafeteria silenced and then erupted in cheers. Ava stood proudly, until Mr Gawkers entered the cafeteria and grabbed her. He dragged the young girl off to the beating room. When would life ever be perfect?

Originally posted on A Writing Rose

I hope y’all like my very short story!

angie tww signoff


4 thoughts on “Cafeteria Catastrophe

  1. I feel like there could’ve been more description of everyone applauding and standing up and the feeling she felt? Also, Who Said – should be with a question mark? You could’ve described the expression of Mr Gawkin as well and HOW he pulled her away. It seemed quite rushed at some points? I liked the characters though Carissa and Ava and the plot was great too ❤

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