Limiting yourself to writing what you’re ‘good’ at + 5 reasons to type something new

A lot of people just write what they’re best at.

Because it’s embarrassing and not that enjoyable to write what you’re not amazing at because the words don’t flow and it’s painful to read over your work without wincing in pain.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

But that doesn’t mean you should write things you are not naturally good at. There are so many reasons trying something new is good for your writer health. Here’s 5.


You get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is AWESOME because well, it just is. Why limit yourself to just short stories, step out of that little zone you’ve made for yourself and take the world by storm. How can you take over the world, be successful, if you’re restricting yourself to just one country of the writing planet? No, you’ve got to try and conquer every land, every country and get a taste of everything.

You become more well-rounded

The best writers are well-rounded because they can do things ON THE SPOT, they’re prepared for so many situations and have way more bragging rights. Being well-rounded means you can enhance your writer skills and make more writer friends. Your writing will start becoming more advanced and you will be looked upon with a new respect.

You discover hidden talents

Maybe you think you suck at poetry or have just never tried it because it has no interest. And you do, and you realise it’s your new joy and dream. You are actually really good and that surprise and happiness is a feeling that I cannot describe. You also discover a whole new part to writing, you have never ventured into before – and it’s exciting to voyage there.

Your imagination & creativity widens

When trying something new, your brain is forced to work harder. It’s a challenge and you are determined to take it on. Whilst you are competing, your imagination is expanding and this means more ideas and eureka moments and an easier time when it comes to character names. You suddenly think of things you’ve never thought of before that is when your brain starts thinking in entirely new ways.

You get better at writing

As I have mentioned previously, typing something new, lets you get better at writing. And who DOESN’T want that? I mean firstly, there’s a higher chance of your books getting published and there’s the getting fat off compliments, and even getting recognised by role models.  Every writer’s goal is to improve and this is just one way you can achieve that dream.



So, where do I begin?

So those are just 5 reasons why you should write different genres, try out poetry, or just something to do with words you’ve never done before. And if you’re stuck with how to start, then The Writing Writers has got so many ideas. Write something with diverse characters, try black-out poetry, or do something even more exciting.

Well, Join The Typewriter Project.

Essentially, the project is for all word lovers. You don’t NEED to be an author, or have written a book, or have a typewriter – you just need words. I’m launching on my blog and there is still time to sign up and get your creative juices flowing. Found out how to enter, the prizes and all the information at the link above. I’ll see you there.




11 thoughts on “Limiting yourself to writing what you’re ‘good’ at + 5 reasons to type something new

  1. Definitely true! Although I hate trying new stuff … at least until I see someone who I consider to be my equal doing it. ‘Cause if your friends can do it, then you can do it … right?! 😉

    I’m so excited for The Typewriter Project! It sounds like fun! 🙂

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  2. #theawkwardselfpromoisawkward

    XD Just kidding! That was a great lead-up. I applaud you. 🙌🙌 And this is such a great post! I usually write like fantasyish sci-fi dystopianish stuff (bascially just think powers/abilities in messed up future worlds) but I REALLY want to try writing a contemporary or magical realism and just include other different aspects! And of course, there are also different styles/voices of writing to experiment with… #exhausted

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  3. We all limit ourselves to small countries of writing, it’s sometimes great to just wander out of that region and try something new. You may not be good at it, but you still had the chance to see if you were.
    I recently started writing poetry, and I’m in love with it. If I never stopped limiting myself, I’d never figure that out.
    Great post .🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, I loved that comparison – so true! Yeah, i saw them in our media library and they looked so beautiful, I decided I had to use them. Ididn’t know whose they were so I was a little worries about copyright and such! I’m glad you’re not angry with me!

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