An Update and an Apology

Hey, you needn’t point out the horrible quality of the featured image.

Hello, Mukta here, and I doubt that you knew I existed. Yep, I haven’t been active in TWW for quite a bit, so as a word of thanks to all the readers, I’d like you to know that I deeply appreciate you for choosing to stop by here once in a while. To all the writers, thank you so much for all your contribution! The blog has been coming by really well, if not extraordinarily well, and I’m so glad at all the amazing content we’re recieving!

Today, I’m not going to be posting about writing, but am going to tell you of some blog updates that may prove themselves useful.

Before that, I would like to apologize for the procrastination that’s been up. The TWW magazine, whose name has been set as InkCraft, is most likely to be released in the third or fourth week of June, and the poll for the design will be put up shortly before.

Now for some things you may find of more importance.

Change of Menu Format

You may have noticed the new layout of the Primary Menu in an attempt to make it easier to navigate through. This also involves the addition of certain rather necessary pages that you will further get notice of.

It consists of two essential features, For You and For TWW (The Writing Writers), under which the intended audience will find some handy pages. TWW members may not find all the for you features unhelpful, but if you are not a member of the team, I am sorry to say that you will not find any of the for TWW pages designed for your use.

New Pages

I am excited to introduce two new pages to increase the stability of TWW, Bio Submission and Admin Contact.

I have noticed many of our team looking for guidelines and a way to contact the admins, and so I have set up Admin Contact, in which you can express concerns, if any, that you may want the admins to know.

Since many of the writers also are looking for a way to submit custom bios which haven’t been taken from their blogs, Bio Submission will not fail to meet your purpose.


Here’s where you can help out.

To publish out magazine, we have three digital publishing options, Joomag, Issuu and Yumpu. They are all free, quality sites, and we will need help in coming to a decision on which to use. It’d do me a favor to take a look at the lot of them and tell me which one you find best.

And that is all for now. I hope to be back with some decent content, and until then, I bid you adieu.

~Mukta@ TWW


46 thoughts on “An Update and an Apology

  1. Hi there! I’m Lucy. I contacted the admins before. I love TWW and I’ve always wanted to figure out how to comment, and I did! I vote for… JOOMAG!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Lucy! I got your message. 🙂 Yes, you can definitely send your work, you needn’t a blog for that! Thanks so much for your comment and vote! 😀


        1. Not the only admin, no. There’s one more, I wouldn’t have said ‘admins’ otherwise. The founder is Mirra, and I’m the one who works with design, pages, forms and things like that. 🙂


    1. No, nothing of the sort. 🙂 I already have an account on all the sites, I will use them based on the number of votes I get. I’m going to combine all the contributions to make the magazine.


    1. Alright, one more for Joomag. Something tells me that’s what I’m going to end up using… XD Yeah, that would be great. Except you’ll have to get it done in the first week of June, I hope that sounds okay?

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