Why Harry Potter Is Just Boss.

So… I thought for my first TWW post, I’ll post something about Harry Potter. Books and writing are related anyway, huh?So here you go. Read it. Read it, I say.DividerErratic

Please note that this has spoilers. Sorry, people.

1.The Magic.

Obviously magic will make you excited abut the story. Not like a fairy’s wand (abracadabra? Nope.). I meant Latin words. Yes, if you know Latin, then these words are Latin (not the sentence, the magic words).

Image result for harry potter magic gif

2.The Thrill.

This book is a serious thriller and it has so many intriguing things. I mean, every book in the series has an interesting end  filled with an oddly satisfying thrill. You just can’t get yourself to wait for the next one.

Image result for harry potter magic gif

3.The Indulgence.

This book is carefully written, with the characters coming to life as you learn to live,  learn and explore with them.

4. The Language.

The author loves English {so do I: the proper punctuations and literature} which means that the language is boss. How interesting can the book get? I’ll tell you- a DAMN lot. So basically the language is extraordinarily incredulously amazing.

HP book

5. The Depth.

All I have told you doesn’t define the core aim of the book. It’s not only a novel enjoyed  by many, it’s also a book with life lessons. It teaches you the value of friendship and valor, and that good always wins over evil.

Image result for harry potter friendship gif

6.The Fun.

If you know Fred and George, then you probably know the world of jokes. From sending Ginny a toilet seat to calling themselves Gred and Forge, they’ll bring to you the entire world of fun and entertainment (but beware of Mrs. Weasley) :P.

Image result for fred and george gif

7.The Places.

From The Burrow, to The Gringotts Bank, to Hogwarts, to The Malfoy Manor, Harry Potter is a treasury of places.

Image result for the burrow gif

8.The Games.

The games in the wizarding world= BOSS. From Exploding Snap to Wizard’s Chess, not to forget our beloved game of Quidditch lighten the book’s mood. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a broom and soar through the skies?

Image result for quidditch gif

9. The Humanness.

The friendships and relations between different people in different places is kind of cool. From the trio to the hatred between Malfoy and Potter, there’s a bit of flaw in every person. No one’s perfect, and that’s what makes them all human.

Image result for malfoy and potter
Potter. Potter. Potter. Potter. Potter. Potter.



All gifs were taken from the net and belong to their respective owners.
I’m too lazy to link them, you see.

This post is originally posted on The Erratic, with some wee little changes.



I shall never forget you, my beloved full stop.



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