A Damsel In Distress

I can still remember when I was young,

and I thought i was forever going to be,

a damsel in distress,

a hiding princess.

I thought that a prince would come to rescue me,

The way they did in story books,

but now I’m older and I know,

All they did was give small hope.

Now I realise that they only made up the worlds,

Of Snow White and Cinderella to,

Engrave in our very souls that,

The world is for the men.





8 thoughts on “A Damsel In Distress

  1. This is a fantastic poem! ❤ I do have to disagree with your last sentence- I feel that women have made significant changes to this world and everyone is slowly realizing that women are needed just as much as men. There are certain princesses shown in TV shows that save the entire kingdom or go on dangerous quests. Though change does take time, it's happening, dear. 🙂

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