Introducing the TWW Design Kit// Update on the InkCraft Design Poll

You will not believe how excited I am right now.

May I introduce the TWW Design Kit, crafted especially for our amazing writers!

You heard that right. TWW is releasing a fully guided design kit for all of our members! Most of our writers juggle other blogs alongside this one, and so making super nice looking featured images for this blog can be somewhat… hard. Plus, we also have a pre-made signoff for every writer AND a handy-dandy divider, just in case you need it.

Along with that, we also have a pre-made signoff for every writer AND a handy-dandy divider, just in case you need it.

If that sounds… interesting… then read on for a tad bit of information.


You will find all of the below elements in a zip file consisting of folders. Most of them will consist of one png/psd file and one txt file for information on its usage.


In this folder, you will find colours codes this blog uses, if you happen to need a header or text element.


You know what dividers are for. 😉 I have adjusted its colour according to this blog’s scheme.


In this folder, you will find another zip file for the font Honilad (the script used in this blog) and an otf file of the font Quicksand Light (which is used here in all caps). These can be downloaded and used as per convenience.

For Picmonkey Users

This folder holds instructions on how to make featured images using Picmonkey and all the resources you will need for it.

For Photoshop Users

It’s the same here, except this contains a psd file instead of a png. The directions are also slightly different here.

Pre-Made Signoffs

This is probably the most fun thing to make. 😀 This folder contains another folder which has png files of all the authors’ signoffs.


I would like to note that this is meant for the TWW writers only. The roles of all authors have currently been set to Editor and will stay that way until the 31st of July (HP and JK’s birthdays, haha), so that you may be able to view the page containing the download link.

Please download the kit by then, but if in case you forget to, you may send personal requests through Admin Contact and get it delivered to you by email.

Writers, download the TWW Design Kit from this page!

(Note that only the members of this blog can access the page in which the kit is linked.)


There we go. Now, I have a little reminder for all the bloggers who volunteered to design TWW’s magazine, InkCraft.

So far, we have had plentiful entries. There will be two polls conducted for the design, one for the fonts and one for the graphics. Please send in your designs by the 12th of this month.

You need not send separate images for the fonts and the graphics, that will be taken care of. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for offering to help out! However, I will require you to send your designs by the 12th, else the chances that it may be included in the poll are… Not that abundant. 😉

I hope you guys enjoy the design kit! Are you looking forward to IncCraft as much as I am? Thank you so much for all your contributions, I really appreciate your support! 😀



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