Hey bloggers and fellow writers!!!!

I am Richa. As  far as I know,most of you don’t know me.
I am an art lover. And I also love writing essays.
My other passions are dancing and sports.
I am looking forward to be an regular blogger.
My blog is coming out in the first week of July and I am obsessed
With the color purple 😃



12 thoughts on “Hey bloggers and fellow writers!!!!

    1. Richa, you can ask Mukta to make you a signoff. You can post whenever you want, except days when other authors have posted.


  1. Hey Richa! Happy to have you here😊
    One request- can you change your public display name to Richa? You can change your display name near where you sign out of your blog. I’m not trying to bug you or anything, and it’s not much of a big deal anyway, but would you mind changing it? It’s so that the TWW sidebar shows everyone’s names, not their usernames.
    Glad to have you here anyway😃


    1. Richa, below the username, there is another box called public display name. That’s where I was telling you to change it from richakiran1 to Richa. I hope you get what I mean.
      I LOVE your profile pic, BTW. ❤


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