It’s Finally Time for the INKCRAFT DESIGN POLL!

*whoops from audience*

That’s right! After months of procrastination, I am finally here to announce that INKCRAFT’S DESIGN POLL IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Before I show you the five designs that are going to be competing in this vote, here’s a chunk of info: All of these are NOT made by the same person. I’m not telling you who, or how many people made it. Let me just say… One person could have more than one design. For more variety, for more satisfaction… Whatever. I want you to judge fairly and choose from among the below designs the one you find most suited to be InkCraft’s cover.

The process will not be, I am sorry to say, not very professionally organised. I have observed that Polldaddy lets you see the poll’s progress and also vote more than once, and other means… Never mind all that. What you will have to do is leave a comment below, stating which design you fancy. I will also be able to make sure one of the designers doesn’t vote for themselves, so win-win, I guess? 😛

And yeah, most of these are not the typical magazine cover kind of covers. I guess that’s alright, because… Well, I don’t know. I like all of them anyway.

I will not be approving your comments for a while because I do not want you to be influenced by others or to choose something just because everyone else is going by that one. The designs are not arranged in order, as in the author’s work may or may not be placed together. Sounds fair? Alrighty, then.

No more ado. Here we go!

Design One:


Design Two:


Design Three:


Design Four:


Design Five:

ink craft six

Design Six:


And there we have it! All the best to all competitors, and choose wisely to all the voters!


The collection of votes will begin in five… Four… Three… Two… One… GET COMMENTING!Mukta


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