Like or Love~A Poem

There was a girl,

she liked a flower

So she plucked it

and pinned it in her hair

There was a girl, 

she loved a flower

So she watered it everyday

and watched it grow


In a few days,

the flower

in the girl’s hair


and she threw it away

The other flower

was trampled

by a basketball

The girl’s heart broke

seeing what had taken

weeks to grow

die in just a second


In twenty years

The girl with the flower

in her hair,

was posing for a picture

with a fake smile

plastered on her face

The other girl

was watering

a flower

with a

beautiful smile,

radiating sunshine


Hey Writers! It’s Arunima. This poem is inspired by a quote by Buddha: “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.” I really loved that quote, so I decided to write something about it. I love poems that tell stories, but I never really wrote poems like that until i saw the quote. I hope you guys liked my poem. Tell me in the comments if I can improve on any aspects of the poem. I’m always open to constructive criticism. Have a nice day!



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