The OVERDUE InkCraft Design Poll

It’s been long since a post on TWW, and even longer since the last post about InkCraft. We’ve received a good lot of entries- thanks a bunch, everyone!- but unfortunately, I’ve become my usual procrastinating self. See, the whole point of a biannual magazine is that it be published twice a year. And it’s totally not helping that I’m posting the design poll one day before 2018.

So now what? We take super-quick action and get this done ASAP.

For those of you who are new to this polling process, here’s the last poll for reference. Basically, you’ll have to comment the design you like best below. It will be unapproved after replying so that no one gets influenced by others’ votes.

This time we had five designers and have six covers for you to choose from. I’m not going to talk too much, because this is overdue already, so here we go, guys!


Cover One


Cover Two


Cover Three


Cover Four


Cover Five


Cover Six


And that’s a wrap!

Be sure to vote for your favourite cover in the comments below! The deadline for your vote is January 10th 2018 and the deadline to enter your writing (form here) is tomorrow, January 1st.

Good luck to all the designers, and as for you, GO VOTE!



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