Meet the Writers

Mirra– Mirra is a blogger, crafter, writer, debater, learner, zentangler,  artist, dreamer and life-lover.  Her fave sports are running, swimming and cycling. She also plays the viola, piano and recorder. She has an obsession with downloading fonts, reading books, calligraphy, watercolour and HARRY POTTER. Find out more of her unique and writerly life on her personal blog, A Young Writer’s Dream.

Mukta- Clearly blank-headed when it comes to describing herself, Mukta is an INFP, red panda lover, writer, obsessive brooder, unobjectionable Potterhead, zentangler, keyboard-murderer, font and graphic downloader (watercolour is amazing, guys) and dreamer, but ah, it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, does it? For more quirkiness, head over to Born Free.

Angela– Angela is an animal lover, swimmer, and runner. She enjoys reading books and loves to write stories. For fashion, writing, origami and rose talks(aka randomness), check out her personal blog, A Writing Rose.

May– May is the Mango Queen, and you will address her properly with the respect she deserves. *glares* She is an absolute bookworm with dreams of being an author, and she also loves to dance, play the piano, and sing along to Hamilton. Get all the mangoes at Forever and Everly.

Arunima-Arunima loves blogging, writing and reading. She loves books. ( She isn’t a bookworm, she’s a book DRAGON!) Find out more about her dreamy life on Dreamer’s Dreams.

Mahriya – Mahriya likes to call herself an OFFICIAL book addict, potato lover and addicted to stationery. If you want to have a conversation, then follow the chocolate wrappers or the smell of books. Her all time favourite TV show is BBC Sherlock and for a book…probably, The Kite Runner, or Six Of Crows – if you must know. She’s so indecisive,  even settling on a handwriting style is difficult. As a a proud geek, (but an undercover writer)she claims that having marshmallows or white chocolate IS LIFE – which it obviously is.For more marshmallows, head over to My Bookish Life.

April-She’s 12 years old and loves to write fantasy, fiction, and dystopian.
She loves the “&” sign, for a reason she has yet to figure out.
Her non-novelizing interests:
dreaming , clarinet, singing loudly, track, soccer, dancing badly, & misc.
Forever a dreamer, her head is stuck in the clouds. However, she always says, “But the view is better up there, right?” For more of her life, head over to April Dreams.

Anya– Anya is an authoress and poet. She loves writing. She’s a 100% Potterhead, and has caught the Bonkeritis (a state of acting extremely crazy and quirky) disease. Find out more of her craziness, bookishness, writingness and Potterheadness on her personal blog, My Life in Words.

Violet– Violet loves to read and write, and is multilingual.  She likes to put random definitions in the middle of sentences and is very awkward in life. Get all of the vibrant scenes of her life @ Vibrantly Violet.

Gayatri– Gayatri is an erratic schoolgirl, who is an extrovert and a serious Potterhead. She loves to point out dramatic sentences and she can’t keep still for a minute. Find out more about her unpredictable life on The Erratic.

Emma– Emma loves to read, write and sometimes enjoys baking. She LOVES the colour pink. She’s also a bracket overuser, and writes most of her words inside brackets than out. For more booky stuff, head over to Book Emma.

Aqsa– Aqsa is a blogger, who mostly blogs about philosophical rants, quotes, DIY’s  and her own written poetry. She loves to be creative and very optimistic. For more inspiration and positivity, go over to Aqsa Says What.

Joce: Joce loves to read, write, and talk to whoever will listen. She’s a caffeine and chocolate addict who dreams of finishing any 1 of her 4 WIPs. She can be found fangirling at Write Through the Night, or trying to talk politics on Our Voices Matter.

Rachel– Rachel loves blogging, cats,friends, reading, writing and other random things. Do check out her book/writing blog Nancy Drew, her personal blog Messy Bun and her other collaborative blog Authors Press.

Samantha– Samantha is a redhead, who is in ABSOLUTE LOVE with books, kittens, writing, reading and American Girl dolls. She’ll be found blogging about books, writing and random things on Redhead with a Book and all things American Girl on AG Doll Awesome.

Saanvi-  Saanvi’s the girl with dark brown eyes. She’s the user of words, and from her pen, ideas ooze out. She’s am a singer, her voice can blend together the colors of the wind. She feels like a bird soaring through the sky. She loves dancing, no matter how hard her toes hurt her belly aches. She believes that life is more than just work,she hopes to make a difference. A change in the world. Through her writing and through humanity. Which is why she has dreams of becoming a lawyer. She loves traveling to magical places without leaving her seat.  For writing, tips, bookish content, and deep philosophies, musings, thoughts, and ideas, head over to A Notebook, One Pen, and Me.

Danielle– Danielle is a spontaneous, cheerful, scintillating girl. She loves to travel, and sometimes yearns to go to places where she’s never been. She has a passion for art, writing, reading, ice-skating and swimming. She has two parakeets- Lemon and Avis.She is a fangirl over many books and series. She is currently plotting, planning, and writing four novels, but only one has progressed oh so far. She is the queen of procrastination when it comes to writing, so blogging is one of her few motives.

Liv- Liv is a teenage blogger and avid fangirl who is obsessed with horses, writing, and music. She’s a Gryffindor, an astrology guru (and a Leo), a perfectionist, introvert, dreamer, and a shorty. She’s a fangirl of Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Marvel, and DC comics. She loves to drink tea, and to sing and listen to music. (since music is a #stress reliever). She’s also a passionate dancer. For lifestyle, tips, writing and randomness, visit Liv a Little.

Richa– Richa’s a blogger, art LOVER, dancer, writer and forever dreamer. She absolutely loves to draw, and expresses her feelings through her artwork. For art, writing, life & randomness, click the words- Art and Life.

Mya–  Mya enjoys blogging, photography and of course, writing! She adores clicking pics with her camera, and she uses the Sony Alpha 6000. She also has an obsession with American Girl dolls. Do head over to her personal blog Life From Behind a Camera and her doll blog AG Lane.