Cafeteria Catastrophe

“Leave me alone!”, Ava yelled. “Who said,” Carissa sneered. The older girl loomed over Ava as she tried to eat her lunch in peace. “I hate you,” Carissa hissed. Ava stood up and grabbed her plate of salad. She knew she should walk away. She took a deep breath, walked over to Carissa and tipped her plate of salad right over Carissa’s blonde curls. Carissa screamed. Everyone in the cafeteria silenced and then erupted in cheers. Ava stood proudly, until Mr Gawkers entered the cafeteria and grabbed her. He dragged the young girl off to the beating room. When would life ever be perfect?

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I hope y’all like my very short story!

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A Lonely Life (A Short Story)

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Graphic Credit: Mirra

Summer ran. Her golden blonde hair flew wildly behind her as she raced through the dark, dank forest. She hadn’t wanted to do this. She never had. She wished that she had a normal life, not one that was haunted by something that would never leave her. Summer scanned the forest. All she could see were trees, reaching out, grabbing at her. She ran wildly for a few more minutes, until she found a tree stump. She sat down, gasping for breath. A lone tear slid down her cheek. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed her heart out. All was lost.

I hope y’all like my short story!

Example 1



Animals are living, in our world, people treat the creatures, as if they’ve been hurled.

Life is not easy, for them, they’ve come out of the sewing machine as if they’ve had a hem.

We need to protect these living things, so they’ll have a life to sing.

This poem is written by me and Mirra. We had fun writing this in class.


Writers of the World

Hello, peoples of the unique planet Earth, welcome to the writing writers show! (music) Today we are presenting…

Anyway, enough about that. Today was Parent Night for all the pupils of BCSS. Fortunately enough, I got a good result. Good luck for all the students who are still waiting for their interview 😀 I have nothing else to write about unless anyone wants to hear about those rainbow pancakes on my blog. (yum… :P)

 (P.S If you did not do those paper rabbits on my blog, do them! they are soooo cute if you personalize them.)



My name is Angela, and Mirra invited me to write on this blog. I’ve now got 2 blogs, and my first one is Sparkle Star. I hope I find time for this blog, which has got a team of 3 amazing writers. All three of us hope that you enjoy reading this blog. 🙂 B)