Sprint (A Poem by Anya)

I sprint
Reach the Finish Line
I don’t
At anyone
On my
Own Self
Since my
Only competition is me
I race forward
Trying very hard
And I

Hey y’all! Did ya like my poem? I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting in TWW for that long. I have exams to focus on. I’ll definitely never forget being added into TWW and I’ll post here for sure, just not so regularly.


I’ve Completed A Novella!

Hello there, everyone! So, I would like to share with you the blurb of a novella I’ve completed! 🙂 It’s called Abandoned.


A girl named Ella and her younger twin brothers Lucas and Oliver set off for a trip along with their family to the nearby seaside, but things don’t at all go to plan. Follow the children’s adventure by getting yourself into the first page of this vivid but enigmatic novella by Anya Southwell.

So, what do you think of my novella blurb? Are you going to look forward to reading it?

Bye for now!

Example 2


Description of A Garden

A garden. The grass looks like it hasn’t been cut in years. Not cared for. Flowers are crispy and are dead. They’re not coming back. There is an apple tree in the corner but it doesn’t produce any apples. An old trampoline stands in the centre of this rubbish dump but bits of net have fallen and do not exist anymore. Really? It is heart breaking to see this because everything has feelings.

Example 1