Important News

Hey writers! Sorry, I haven’t been posting frequently.

So today, I’m going to be telling you all about something SERIOUS which has been happening here. (yes, I mean THIS VERY BLOG.)


The issue will be explained in the paragraph below.

Two TWW authors (Emma & Violet) have had pieces of writing copied and pasted off their personal blogs and posted here. None of us know who is doing this, but you know what, THIS IS SO NOT COOL. TWW is a place for those who love to write, and EVERYONE MUST BE TREATED WITH RESPECT HERE. Emma and Violet are quite upset and confused, and if this posting carries on, further action WILL be taken. The person who is doing this, please STOP. TWW isn’t the blog you need to read if you’re ready to hurt other authors’ feelings.


Okay. I hope that this’ll be my first and last rant on TWW. I hope to post more writing/InkCraft related things soon.

Mirra's TWW Signoff


TWW Has Hit 50 Follows!

We, the authors of TWW, thank you very much for making this happen! We never knew that we could find SO MANY passionate writers who enjoy reading, writing and talking about the literary world.  😀 We appreciate the support coming from the TWW readers, writers, followers and InkCraft participants. We thank you so much once again; this is a huge milestone for a blog to hit.

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The Struggles Of Being a Grammar Cop

Spelling and grammar are two very important things involved in writing. Make sure to read Rutvi’s post to find out about the importance of spelling and grammar and how annoying it gets if people mix them up!

Capturing & Creating

Grammar Cops.

We are some of the most annoying people on this planet.


But, there are some struggles that come with our jobs…

  1.  People saying, “Grammar and Spelling are the same thing!”
  2. To everyone who doesn’t like reading (what have you done with your life????), they’re, their, and there are the same thing. And then you feel like ripping your hair out.
  3. This quote: “Ugh, you’re such a nerd. Grammar/spelling doesn’t matter anyway.”
  4. “Ugh, like I can’t even.” WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN??? You can’t even WHAT? MORE LIKE YOU CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!
  5. In most people’s minds, to=too=two. ARRRRGHHH. Or your=you’re. NO! NO NO NO NO NO!FullSizeRender 22.jpg
  6. When peer-editing, not wanting to seem like a jerk while you correct everything they write.
  7. “She didn’t like the pie so she gave the pie to her friend who ate the pie.” REPETITION. HOW…

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The Magic Box

A box, a box, no ordinary box,

A box which can’t be tracked down by a fox.

It has shining gems on its lid,

Something loved by every kid.

What does it hold, you may ask,

It could hold gold, toys or even a mask.

What’s so special about this thing,

It may hold memories which can sing.

Can I get what I want, in this box?

You can get what you ask.

“Now where is this box?”, a girl said,

It’s a bit of imagination in your head.

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100 Words Which Perfectly Describe ME

Ambitious,  Creative, Fun-Loving, Inquisitive, Sensible, Clean, Loyal, Academic- Loving, Friendly, True, Artistic, Caring, Compassionate, Helpful, Vivid, Colourful, Rapid, Book-Lover, Studious, Magical, Imaginative, Loving, Curious, Punctual, Nature-Lover, Excited, Dutiful, True-Blue, Presumptuous, Considerate, Determined, Enthusiastic, Zealous, Faithful, Sincere, Obedient, Resourceful, Compliant, Regardful, Keen, Jovial, Rustic, Free, Poetic, Melodious, Decorative, Harmonious, Talkative, Chatty, Neat, Organised, Tidy, Methodical, Devoted, Cautious, Striking, Speedy, Ready, Expressive, Sparkly, Spirited, Glorious, Peaceful, Sunny, Blessed, Devoted, Respectful, Involved, Tortuous, Learning, Glittery, Intelligent, Clever, Enlightened, Humorous, Sensitive, Tuneful, Inventive, Patterning, Reasonable, Whiz, , Discerning, Astute, Perceptive, Judicious, Tuned-In, Informed, Bright, Flaunting, Dreaming, Interested, Adventurous, Exploring, Jubilant, Inspired, Adaptable, Amused, Enjoying, Delighted


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