Dear My Future Self//Liv’s First TWW post

Hello! I am currently 13 years old writing this to you, meaning that over five years will pass before you open this on your 18th birthday. Life is wonderful at the moment! I just started this blog, Liv A Little, a month ago, and I have never been happier. Meanwhile, school is challenging but fun! I have some amazing friends right now, including my best friends Mary and Lauren. I hope we are still close in the future – I have a strong feeling we still are.

Right now, my biggest dream is to become a successful blogger. I hope that in the future, I have at least achieved that much. If I am no longer writing on this blog, I hope I haven’t quit all together! Remember how much you used to love it and never forget it.

Do you remember the horse you use to lease, Mia? The one that chewed on everything? Yeah, that’s her. You may be still leasing her now, but I doubt it. Do you have any horses of your own? My dream horse used to be a Friesian horse named Augustus so I could call him Gus for short. Did you ever buy him?

Are you still dancing? I am a week away from starting up ballet and hip-hop while I’m writing this. I stopped dancing so I could start horse lessons almost three years ago. I am literally writing this in my ballet gear because I am so excited to start back up!

What college are you going to? High school is merely a figment of the past now that your 18. You probably don’t remember searching for high schools like I am at the moment. I bet you’re receiving some scholarships as well! I am hoping all those years as a good student pay off!

Are you more confident? That’s something I’ve always struggled with in the past. Sometimes I felt that I wasn’t good enough, and the truth is that I am! I have been in the past and am in the present! In case you need reminding, you are good enough and always will be.

Love your 13-year-old self,

Liv ♡


Hey guys! It’s Liv. I’m happy I got added here. Do get ready for some more content from me! And do let me know if you like my letter to my future self!

~Liv ♡