Wanderlust ~ a poem by Danielle



Here I am and here I stay.

No matter how I want to stray.

I want to leave this same old place.

A place coated with sugar and lace.

Stay here! They call to me,

You haven’t seen all you can see!

I have, I reply with a sharp tone,

There’s nothing in this boring zone.

I want to leave, I want to wander!

See all the many wonders!

Can’t you grasp there’s nothing here?

Nowhere to gape at, nowhere to peer?

I’ll leave someday and satisfy

The constant tug that makes me cry

For places I have never been,

For animals like birds that preen.

Tigers and Elephants everywhere!

Even a small and jumpy hare.

Yes, every moment I have to, I must

Quench all of my Wanderlust.

I hope y’all enjoyed my poem! Have a fabulous day. 🙂 Side Note: This was posted on my other blog originally, so that’s why the picture has my other blog’s address on it.