Like or Love~A Poem

There was a girl,

she liked a flower

So she plucked it

and pinned it in her hair

There was a girl, 

she loved a flower

So she watered it everyday

and watched it grow


In a few days,

the flower

in the girl’s hair


and she threw it away

The other flower

was trampled

by a basketball

The girl’s heart broke

seeing what had taken

weeks to grow

die in just a second


In twenty years

The girl with the flower

in her hair,

was posing for a picture

with a fake smile

plastered on her face

The other girl

was watering

a flower

with a

beautiful smile,

radiating sunshine


Hey Writers! It’s Arunima. This poem is inspired by a quote by Buddha: “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.” I really loved that quote, so I decided to write something about it. I love poems that tell stories, but I never really wrote poems like that until i saw the quote. I hope you guys liked my poem. Tell me in the comments if I can improve on any aspects of the poem. I’m always open to constructive criticism. Have a nice day!



Camp NaNo! 

Heyyyy! I just signed up for camp nano (a little last minute XD) and wanted to see if anyone else is doing it. I know Blackiesunshine made a cabin, and I just wanted to see if anyone else had one. Let me know if you are and what cabin you’ll be in! My username is Mya Nicole. Talk to you later!

It’s Finally Time for the INKCRAFT DESIGN POLL!

*whoops from audience*

That’s right! After months of procrastination, I am finally here to announce that INKCRAFT’S DESIGN POLL IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Before I show you the five designs that are going to be competing in this vote, here’s a chunk of info: All of these are NOT made by the same person. I’m not telling you who, or how many people made it. Let me just say… One person could have more than one design. For more variety, for more satisfaction… Whatever. I want you to judge fairly and choose from among the below designs the one you find most suited to be InkCraft’s cover. Continue reading “It’s Finally Time for the INKCRAFT DESIGN POLL!”


Hi, I’m Mya! This is my first post on this blog. Someone posted under my name and copied and pasted a story from my personal blog into a post. But, it’s me now! I’ll tell you a little about myself. 🙂

I like reading, writing, photography, blogging, making YouTube videos, and doing gymnastics. 

I’m currently in the process of writing my first ever book. I always have liked writing short stories, but this is the only actual book I’ve written. I’m not very far through yet (page 25) but I’m aiming for it to be more than 100 pages. 

That’s a little about myself! Definitely look at my personal blog for more. 


Lost~ a story

I hope it’s okay to repost my short story on the Writing Writers. Usually, I don’t share my work online for fear that everyone will think it’s terrible, even when I think and I know I’m a pretty good writer. Enjoy!

A Notebook, One Pen, And Me


A writing prompt from

It was a cold day. Snowflakes settled on the windows, each with their own glittering patterns. The whole Earth was covered in snow, as a blanket shielding the planet and providing it with warmth. There was only one voice that whispered in my voice, time and time again. “Who are you?” it asked. “Where do you come from?” and all I could say was, “I don’t know.” I really didn’t. The world was spinning, and yet I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand where I was and what I was doing here.

I opened my eyes to the sound of my mom bringing hot chocolate up to my room. There was nothing I wanted more than a hot drink that would soothe my dry lips and heal my numb fingers. I longed to hold the cup. That’s when I saw something I had never seen before. There…

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CAUTION:Children at Play (A short story by Mya)

Hey y’all!

Today I am going to share a short story for you that I just wrote!

* Please note that this story is written and owned by me, and it is NOT okay to steal it.*

So I used two writing prompts in this story, and one of them was shown in THIS post.

Let’s get started!

CAUTION: Children at Play

“Quick, take cover!” A cry pierced through the eerily silent city.

A woman came bustling out from a shop, dropping her groceries and sprinting towards the nearest building.

Adults ran through the streets and darted towards their homes, slamming their doors and locking them. A young man peered out his window and spotted a “CAUTION: Children at Play” sign. His expression morphed into terror and he pulled the curtains closed.

A chilling gust of wind blew through the vacant town. Dark clouds formed over the village, and light rain began to fall. Wood planks were nailed across doors, and windows were sealed shut. Shops had been evacuated. The streets had been emptied.

When the silence couldn’t get any thicker, the creak of a rusty iron gate rung through the village. A young girl wearing a creamy white satin nightgown strode through the gates. In one hand she held a stuffed bear.

In the other she held a dagger.

She looked around the village, keeping an innocent smile plastered on her face.

“Who wants to play?” She called. Turning around, she spun around to face a cluster of children. Their ages ranged from four to twelve, and they each held a weapon and wore a joyful smile.

“Is everyone ready to go play?” A six-year-old boy asked, who was holding a sharp spear.

The children smiled and nodded. They began their march through the city, stopping at every house to knock on the door and peek in the windows.

When no one would answer, they would turn around to keep on walking.

Every house was locked.

Besides one.

The children walked up to a small brick house at the end of the street. One child stepped forward and rapped on the old oak door.


And then footsteps.

The doorknob turned, and the door creaked open. A seven-year-old girl with emerald green eyes stood on the doorstep. Curly blonde ringlets framed her face and she smiled uneasily.

“JUNIPER! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” A shaky voice screamed. A pale faced mother stumbled down the stairs, lunging to grab her daughter. “D-don’t step outside t-that d-door.”

Juniper turned around and stared into her mothers eyes. They were glazed over with fear. And grief.

“Mama, you can’t keep me hidden in here anymore. I don’t belong here. I belong with the other children.”

“Juniper, you’re staying here. You can’t go with them. They’re dangerous.” Her mother’s voice cracked.

“You can’t stop me.” She whispered.

And with that, she stepped into the rain and didn’t look back.

That was the last time anyone ever saw her.

So… what did you think? I hope you enjoyed reading it!


Wanderlust ~ a poem by Danielle



Here I am and here I stay.

No matter how I want to stray.

I want to leave this same old place.

A place coated with sugar and lace.

Stay here! They call to me,

You haven’t seen all you can see!

I have, I reply with a sharp tone,

There’s nothing in this boring zone.

I want to leave, I want to wander!

See all the many wonders!

Can’t you grasp there’s nothing here?

Nowhere to gape at, nowhere to peer?

I’ll leave someday and satisfy

The constant tug that makes me cry

For places I have never been,

For animals like birds that preen.

Tigers and Elephants everywhere!

Even a small and jumpy hare.

Yes, every moment I have to, I must

Quench all of my Wanderlust.

I hope y’all enjoyed my poem! Have a fabulous day. 🙂 Side Note: This was posted on my other blog originally, so that’s why the picture has my other blog’s address on it.