Snowflakes ~ A Poem

Hey Writers! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Today, I wrote a little wintery poem for you guys, to get into the winter spirit. I hope you enjoy!

I saw snowflakes

spiraling through the air

As I looked up at the sky.

I smiled to myself and thought:

Snowflakes are a lot like people

Each one unique

One of many

Making the world

a better place,

and lighting it up

One snowflake at a time


I hope you liked my poem. Does it snow where you live? Tell me in the comments below.

Keep writing!


Like or Love~A Poem

There was a girl,

she liked a flower

So she plucked it

and pinned it in her hair

There was a girl, 

she loved a flower

So she watered it everyday

and watched it grow


In a few days,

the flower

in the girl’s hair


and she threw it away

The other flower

was trampled

by a basketball

The girl’s heart broke

seeing what had taken

weeks to grow

die in just a second


In twenty years

The girl with the flower

in her hair,

was posing for a picture

with a fake smile

plastered on her face

The other girl

was watering

a flower

with a

beautiful smile,

radiating sunshine


Hey Writers! It’s Arunima. This poem is inspired by a quote by Buddha: “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.” I really loved that quote, so I decided to write something about it. I love poems that tell stories, but I never really wrote poems like that until i saw the quote. I hope you guys liked my poem. Tell me in the comments if I can improve on any aspects of the poem. I’m always open to constructive criticism. Have a nice day!


The River Children (A Poem)

It went along the mossy creases

And bent along the cresting hills.

Tears puddled in the stagnant shallows

And cried out spinning down the falls.

Accepted boughs from fallen grace

And cast them back upon the shore.

They fought and argued

A bitter embrace.

And were washed to the ocean once more.

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I wrote this poem while taking a walk along a small river that has hiking trails leading from the falls.  For some reason I thought the water looked really beautiful and wanted to capture the way it moved, and then it turned into something else that I don’t really know what is happening.

Let me know what you think!!!!!


The Tree // Having Other People Edit Your Work?

The Tree

(TW: Suicide)

There was a tree

And so it stood

Upon the hill that summer.


There was a girl

Who was never far

Away from it, or him.


There was a boy

Who feared to think

Of losing her come fall.


But still the tree

Stripped of its leaves

Changed as it must in autumn.


And so the girl

As he knew she would

Went away for winter.


Then went the boy

So lost, alone

To the tree, remember.


There was a tree

Bare but for one

A soul who never left it.


And there was a girl

Who wanted none

But to be joined as lovers.


Yet there was a boy

Who never knew

As he hung from the tree in spring.


The tree was downed

And so was lost

As things must go in these times.


The girl went silent

And she was lost too

As things do go in these times.


The boy went to nothing

And an overwhelming lack

Is as things go this time.


The nothing, the nothing

And still that joins the three

Is as things go this time.


(To leave a review for this poem, check it out on FictionPress)

So I wrote that poem a few months ago, and then decided to ask other, smarter, more poetry oriented people to beta read it for me over on Fictionpress.  At the time, I thought that this would be a good idea, but now I’m not so sure.  I want to tell you all why.

I originally had a series of words and phrases different, and I liked them much better than they are now.  But, I didn’t save my original and then I made edits, switching stuff around like other people wanted, and now I don’t remember how to switch it back to the way I like it.  And that kind of sucks.

I feel like poetry is a very very personal matter, and it’s difficult when you let other people jump in and try to make changes for you.  I’m a huge fan of beta reading for stories, but I don’t think you can truly get in touch with someone’s emotions enough to beta their poem.

When I asked one girl to beta, she ended up trying to change the entire meaning of my poem because she didn’t get it, which TOTALLY sucked.  When she was done it was this happy go lucky poem and it didn’t make any sense the way I wanted it to.  I know that most people aren’t like that, and you just have to find the right reader, but I think that all too often people can have different poetic interpretations and change it to make it make less sense to you personally.  If that makes sense.

Obviously, you could just SAVE A COPY OF YOUR ORIGINAL LIKE A SMART PERSON. and that would save a lot of problems.  So maybe it’s just me, but I want to know your perspective!!

Do you think it’s possible to successfully beta read poetry?


My Recent & Sudden Obsession With Poetry + A Poem – obviously


Poetry @ The Writing WritersHello, fellow Artists, Writers, Musicians, Bakers, Designers, YOU GET THE POINT!

Since this is a writing blog, I thought it’d be only right to talk about recent and sudden obsession with poetry.

I don’t know whether to call it my  ‘hobby’ or a failed attempt at something new or an ‘obsession’. I just keep on writing. I mean I normally write in my journal and I do a few short stories, and I’ve done a few poems here and there, but now once I start, I simply cannot stop!

I think it’s coming back to writing. You see, for a while, recently, I was just writing in my journal. I had finished my ‘creative writing’ journal so I had no place to write any of my creative outlets. Then, a week ago, I brought a writing/bullet journal and my ponderings began again. My pen and paper were back out and to see the sight of them together again was a relief and a shock – I hadn’t written one of my crazy pieces in so long, I didn’t think I ever would again.

But the lack of a place to write wasn’t the only thing stopping me from being creative. Maybe it was my blog, school, exams. I really don’t know but life had become so busy there was no space for my thoughts to be expressed. And now that the holidays have begun I couldn’t stop myself. I wrote and wrote.

And I’m still writing.

To help me get back into the artistic mood, I’m participating in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in which you write a poem every day for the whole of April. I’ve done more than one a day, to be perfectly honest because I can’t stop myself – literally. You can participate in it too, with or without a blog. I haven’t uploaded them to my site yet, but I will a page dedicated to NaPo poems – it’s great fun!

And to get my creative juices flowing, even more, the magazine is coming up and I am super excited. I’ll probably enter a poem, because…well…I think you know!

So, since I’ve been so obsessed. I’m sharing a poem with you – I hope you enjoy! Though be warned, it’s pretty rubbish.


7 years bad luck
a mirror shattered
the reflection of you
split into so many pieces
as dangerous as you

a prickle
a reminder of the pain
are we just that?
a simple reflection in the mirror

the outside of the inside
of the most complex living thing in the universe
a million twists and turns of
incomprehensible thoughts

is that really all we are?
picture perfect images in a mirror
that one day break

into dangerous

So, do you write poetry? What’s one of your favourite poems? Are you obsessed with writing? Do you like my poem? (Wait, of course, you don’t) Are you participating In NaPoWriMo ?(gimme links!) Tell me your writerly obsessions – Is It Poems, short stories, novels, novellas?