Our Vision



Welcome to The Writing Writers, or as we like to call it, TWW. This is a portal where writers all over the world unite, regardless of all our differences, because writing is the one link between us all. It is what pulls us together to form this blog.

Here, you’ll get stories, poems, tips and updates delivered straight from the writers’ heads. Isn’t it amazing how a bit of inspiration can lead to the creation of such beauty?

And here, there are no formalities. Are YOU a writer? Welcome to the fam! You can talk to our writers freely, with no restrictions except that your talk should be writing based. Fair enough, eh?

It is my top priority, as an admin, to make all the writers’ and readers’ stay comfortable and homely, and I have tried to manage that by creating a light design and layout for this blog. TWW also has a magazine initiative begun by the founder, Mirra, of which you can find out more here.

A another feature of this blog is our buttons page, where you can swap with us if you have one! Note that your blog should involve writing, though.

Looking forward to having you here! Hope you stop for a while to see what we’ve got.

~Mukta@ TWW