6 Reasons Why Getting Feedback on Your Work is Vital to Writer Growth! (Ft. The Scribbler’s Challenge!)

As a writer, it’s extremely important to receive feedback.

Hey guys! Miss me?

Sorry I haven’t been posting much on TWW, all my focus has been on my personal blog haha! But I’m back with a list of reasons why getting feedback is VITAL to growing as a writer!

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Finding Meaning in Your Poetry


they made black marks on the
stains on the world.
someone saw,
someone knew,
but no one cared.
it ruined nature,
it ruined beauty,
and its next target was humanity.

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Why Camp NaNoWriMo is a Must for Writers

This blog is for writers, yes?

Unless I’m totally wrong and this is a blog for deluded little monkeys.

But I’m pretty sure I’m right???

But just in case this IS for deluded little monkeys: Hello there, and go away. Except if you can write. Because today’s post is all about WRITING, and a specific writing event that is exceptionally useful.


Image result for monkeys running around gif
Are you a deluded little monkey??? (BTW monkeys are col and I love them but this post is for writers, dears)

Note: For some ANNOYING REASON, my featured image is only showing up in the WordPress Reader, and not on the actual site??? Help???

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…And It’s Me

Welp, it looks like I am finally succeeding in my life goal of TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Maybe not??? But it’s close. I’m doing a collab blog! And it’s slightly odd for me because I’ve only been blogging for, what is it, a month and a couple of weeks? Ay, but I think I got this blogging thing down, ya know?

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Mango Queen (aka May Everly, but be respectful of your Queen). My own blog runs at Forever and Everly, where I rule all and talk of mangoes and bookish things. Check it out if ya haven’t! 😉

A few things to know about me, in list form because #LISTS:

  • I love to write stories and read books. Like, LOVE.
  • I am also a dancer and piano player.
  • I am weird.
  • I am the Mango Queen and you can address me as Your Mangoness or Your Majesty.
  • I am complete Hamiltrash and I have a weird infatuation with Click-Twist Pentel mechanical pencils???
  • I am an INFP, Ravenclaw, demigod, erm… what else… oh yes, I’m Thai, Buddhist, and 13 years old.

I think that’s it???

I’m really excited to be blogging at The Writing Writers. I love writing, so this will be super fun!

Also, I’m a bit of a procrastinator and a very busy Queen, so you may not see as many posts from me as others. I’m not actually sure what I’ll post??? Maybe random poems or snippets of my writing??? Or maybe not because I’m #shy???

And because I’m so kind, here are some mangoes for you lovely little beans. *tips hat*

I mean: *tips crown*


le Mango Queen