It’s Finally Time for the INKCRAFT DESIGN POLL!

*whoops from audience*

That’s right! After months of procrastination, I am finally here to announce that INKCRAFT’S DESIGN POLL IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Before I show you the five designs that are going to be competing in this vote, here’s a chunk of info: All of these are NOT made by the same person. I’m not telling you who, or how many people made it. Let me just say… One person could have more than one design. For more variety, for more satisfaction… Whatever. I want you to judge fairly and choose from among the below designs the one you find most suited to be InkCraft’s cover. Continue reading “It’s Finally Time for the INKCRAFT DESIGN POLL!”

Introducing the TWW Design Kit// Update on the InkCraft Design Poll

You will not believe how excited I am right now.

May I introduce the TWW Design Kit, crafted especially for our amazing writers!

You heard that right. TWW is releasing a fully guided design kit for all of our members! Most of our writers juggle other blogs alongside this one, and so making super nice looking featured images for this blog can be somewhat… hard. Plus, we also have a pre-made signoff for every writer AND a handy-dandy divider, just in case you need it.

Along with that, we also have a pre-made signoff for every writer AND a handy-dandy divider, just in case you need it.

If that sounds… interesting… then read on for a tad bit of information.

Continue reading “Introducing the TWW Design Kit// Update on the InkCraft Design Poll”

An Update and an Apology

Hey, you needn’t point out the horrible quality of the featured image.

Hello, Mukta here, and I doubt that you knew I existed. Yep, I haven’t been active in TWW for quite a bit, so as a word of thanks to all the readers, I’d like you to know that I deeply appreciate you for choosing to stop by here once in a while. To all the writers, thank you so much for all your contribution! The blog has been coming by really well, if not extraordinarily well, and I’m so glad at all the amazing content we’re recieving!

Today, I’m not going to be posting about writing, but am going to tell you of some blog updates that may prove themselves useful.

Before that, I would like to apologize for the procrastination that’s been up. The TWW magazine, whose name has been set as InkCraft, is most likely to be released in the third or fourth week of June, and the poll for the design will be put up shortly before.

Now for some things you may find of more importance.

Change of Menu Format

You may have noticed the new layout of the Primary Menu in an attempt to make it easier to navigate through. This also involves the addition of certain rather necessary pages that you will further get notice of.

It consists of two essential features, For You and For TWW (The Writing Writers), under which the intended audience will find some handy pages. TWW members may not find all the for you features unhelpful, but if you are not a member of the team, I am sorry to say that you will not find any of the for TWW pages designed for your use.

New Pages

I am excited to introduce two new pages to increase the stability of TWW, Bio Submission and Admin Contact.

I have noticed many of our team looking for guidelines and a way to contact the admins, and so I have set up Admin Contact, in which you can express concerns, if any, that you may want the admins to know.

Since many of the writers also are looking for a way to submit custom bios which haven’t been taken from their blogs, Bio Submission will not fail to meet your purpose.


Here’s where you can help out.

To publish out magazine, we have three digital publishing options, Joomag, Issuu and Yumpu. They are all free, quality sites, and we will need help in coming to a decision on which to use. It’d do me a favor to take a look at the lot of them and tell me which one you find best.

And that is all for now. I hope to be back with some decent content, and until then, I bid you adieu.

~Mukta@ TWW

World Book Day and a Magazine Update

When I was younger, I used to feel a deep attachment to books.

It was somewhat perplexing, yet amusing, how the author found words that went perfectly with each other and strung them up so well. But I never thought that I would want to be an author.

Then as I grew, I knew that writing was for me. Suddenly, my world changed. Being a writer sounded like the best thing in the world, and I began to wonder why everyone didn’t want to be a person who can create a universe entirely of their own.

I think every writer has gone through such a phase sometime. But the truth is plain: Writers are readers, but readers aren’t necessarily writers.

This world book day, let all of us writers celebrate our love for reading. 

Today, I challenge you to pick an unread book from your bookstore, library or shelf and start reading it. Because without a start, there’s never an end.

I can’t believe I’m FINALLY starting with Narnia! Thank you for existing, World Book Day, so that I could start a new book and make it sound like a dramatic accident

Notice the new blog design?

The philosophy behind the change was that I thought altogether the blog should have a comfortable and relatively simplistic theme, so that content is more evidently considered, and the design should just be the backdrop, not interfering with the overall reading experience.
TWW also has a BUTTON now! Find it here.

A Magazine Update

Do any of you remember the magazine initiative TWW launched a while ago? Here is a little update on how things are going.

So far, so good. We have four entries and one in progress. But it seems as though entering seems to be a bit of a problem in the comments (thanks for pointing that out, Mahriya. 🙂 ), and so the process has been made a lot simpler. You can find a Submit Your Work page under out Magazine page on the navigation bar, but just because I’m very generous, you can find a link over here.

Right now, I’m still working on the mag name and design. Any ideas?? Hang on… what do you think of Inkcraft?

Comment down below if you have any suggestions. IT REALLY WILL HELP ME BECAUSE I’M IN A PICKLE RIGHT NOW.

Idioms are awesome.


Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

Authoring The Writing Writers has been so far a smooth journey, and we’re getting a positive response from all our writers AND our readers. Whatever your role is you are, you deserve a free bar of chocolate huge round of applause! *cheers*

Screenshot (2)
Whooaaaaa. And we started it, like, THIS MONTH?????

And now, in honor of you, we have started The Writing Writers Magazine, featuring YOUR writing!

Interested? Check the details on our Magazine page and drop a comment linking your work. The online mag will be published twice every year. Yep, it’s quite seldom. We have this blog to manage as well, you know.

We would appreciate it if you promoted this initiative on your blog or spread the word by commenting on other blogs.

Will YOU help us make this a success by entering your work? Submissions are officially open!


P.S: I know some of you who signed up to join this blog are still not added. I’m sorry for the delay, but hopefully you’ll be added soon. Heh heh.

How Writing Affects Your Life



All of us writers have been doing one thing that makes us special. Writing. Many people have read our work, admired it and commented on it, and that’s how it has affected THEIR life. But have we ever wondered how writing affects OUR life?

We writers don’t just write because we are obliged to. It’s because we love to. And we love it because it comes from within.
Here is how a writer’s life is much different from a regular mortal’s.


Being a writer, concentration is the first and foremost medium to spark the best ideas. There are many advantages of this quality because being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker. Concentration is effortlessly achieved by most writers because writing is their life and ideas are their air. Let’s just say that concentration is their nose.


Even if you aren’t a serious writer, you may keep a diary or journal which you drench with your thoughts and feelings. This helps you learn from your past. Looking at the person you were before can help you realize the mistakes you once did. On the contrary, you can also learn from your former self. You can perceive those important points you may not pay much attention to now and implement little things from your past that can make a huge impact on your future.


Writing is an author’s chosen tool to express their creativity and ideas. Not everyone can write well, and so writing is the blood that flows through writers’ veins. And don’t get me wrong, that makes them pretty dangerous.



Dude, if writing isn’t fun for you, STOP CALLING YOURSELF A WRITER. Because that’s what writing is all about. Having fun. Like, who doesn’t have fun when they’re sitting in a comfy room in pajamas with a book and a pen, having a mental battle to unearth the best ideas?

Have you ever asked yourself why writing is so awesome? Maybe you couldn’t really answer that.
Oh well, some mysteries can never be solved.

Keep writing, writers! You guys are awesome, and you always knew that. ❤

Listen Up, Writers!

Alright, I’m going to ask you some questions.

  • Are you a writer of this blog?
  • Are you reading this? (of course you are 🙄 )

If the answers to those questions were YES, we’re glad to tell you that there’s A NEW PAGE dedicated entirely to YOU.

Now, I should probably tell you what it’s about. No, it isn’t a long, mushy article on how amazing it’s going to be writing with you and how eager I am to be with you on this blog. It’s a list of how you can help maintain this blog and some things we’d like you to follow as a contributor.

However awkward this may sound, there are a few responsibilities you have as an author of this blog. And all those responsibilities are listed out on the page. And if you can think of any more, you are more than welcome to share them in the comments.

Since that’s all I’ve got to say, I’m signing off.


Ugh, that was a horrible signoff.

Never mind.