The Struggles Of Being a Grammar Cop

Spelling and grammar are two very important things involved in writing. Make sure to read Rutvi’s post to find out about the importance of spelling and grammar and how annoying it gets if people mix them up!

Capturing & Creating

Grammar Cops.

We are some of the most annoying people on this planet.


But, there are some struggles that come with our jobs…

  1.  People saying, “Grammar and Spelling are the same thing!”
  2. To everyone who doesn’t like reading (what have you done with your life????), they’re, their, and there are the same thing. And then you feel like ripping your hair out.
  3. This quote: “Ugh, you’re such a nerd. Grammar/spelling doesn’t matter anyway.”
  4. “Ugh, like I can’t even.” WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN??? You can’t even WHAT? MORE LIKE YOU CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!
  5. In most people’s minds, to=too=two. ARRRRGHHH. Or your=you’re. NO! NO NO NO NO NO!FullSizeRender 22.jpg
  6. When peer-editing, not wanting to seem like a jerk while you correct everything they write.
  7. “She didn’t like the pie so she gave the pie to her friend who ate the pie.” REPETITION. HOW…

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