Introduction to Me, Joce

Hi everyone!! I’m here to announce that I’m the newest member to The Writing Writers Squad.  I could not be more excited to be a part of this, because everyone who has posted so far has amazing content, and plus I’ll be working with some of my favorite people in the blogosphere.

For my first post, I wanted to briefly introduce myself and let you know what to expect from me as a writer.

I mainly publish poems, because when I’m feeling emotional (happy, sad, angry, or anything in between) I feel the need to write to clear my head and think logically again, and I find that poems are typically the best outlet for this.  Even though I write poetry in the throws of my emotional fits, most of the time they don’t actually relate to my life.  I think that’s why I like writing so much: I can write about other people and it takes my mind off of MY real life.

Besides poems, I’m currently trying to write my very first novel, called The Chemical Capitalists.  I’m about 13 chapters in right now, or roughly 30 pages (the first chapters are short) which means I’m a long way from finishing.  I’m a slow writer, but I plan to share bits and pieces with you lot as we go.  I’ve actually been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, so I plan to tell you guys about how that went when we finish.

I love writing instructional posts, because it satisfies my bossy personality, so I plan on writing a lot of how-to write posts, which hopefully some of you will find interesting.  Obviously, I’ll be posting my own writing here as well because I love writing and sharing.

In anything I write, I NEED feedback, so please don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism or compliments.  I also book blog on Write Through the Night, help run the collaborative political/lifestyle blog Our Voices Matter, and post my writing on FictionPress.

That’s all for now, and I’ll be back with a first look at a poem next week!joce-sign-off



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